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24th September 2019 DATCHET VILLAGE HALL


Turkey/USA 79 mins Cert. U

Sari (“The Hustler”) Herself, a cat Director Ceyda Torun
Bengü (“The Lover”) Herself, a cat Cinematography Charlie Wuppermann.
Aslan Pierçasi (“The Hunter”) Himself, a cat Alp Korfali
Psikopat (“The Psycho”) Herself, a cat Editor Mo Stoebe
Deniz (“The Social Butterfly”) Himself, a cat Music Kira Fontana
Gamsiz (“The Player”) Himself, a cat
Duman (“The Gentleman”) Himself, a cat
No humans named
Kedi poster

Some of the interviewees feel that cats essentially “saved” their life, that their connection to the animal world gave them a purpose and a new appreciation for living, whilst others believe that felines are almost divine and are sometimes used by God to perform miracles. The film also explores the practical ways that cats protect their city from rodents and provide a real service for their human neighbours, which is partly why these strays have always been so popular in Istanbul.

Kedi features stunning cinematography, which includes shots from the cats’ point of view, beautiful close-ups of these creatures, and energetic fight scenes. There are also some wonderful shots of Istanbul, which will make viewers desperate to visit this historical and ever-changing city. Kira Fontana’s soundtrack goes perfectly with the action and the mixture of dreamy, combative and amusing music scores will move and entertain audiences in equal measure.

Through the eyes of the cats, Kedi is able to explore the changing landscape of Istanbul and how the loss of nature to ever-growing office blocks affects humans and animals alike. We are also shown the depth of human kindness and how willing people are to aid these animals, and how cats and humans can help each other as equals. Kedi will give you a new-found respect and appreciation for these creatures, and you will never look at your feline friend the same way again.

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